Yavisha’s Story



I joined Lifeline by Tammy in August 2018 for a month and entered the 8 week challenge. I was so skeptical and anxious at the time. However looking back, it has been the most amazing and worthwhile investment that I have made in myself.  At the time I was the heaviest I have ever weighed (+-68kg). My baby was already a year old and I had struggled to lose the weight from my pregnancy. I felt really uncomfortable in my own body which resulted in me taking less effort and pride in my dressing and appearance. I felt sad and despondent about my body especially my new “mummy tummy”

My journey with coach Tammy, Jean, Amanda and Team Shero had began and there was no looking back ever since. The amount of guidance, support and inspiration that I have recieved from Lifeline by Tammy has been incredible and immeasurable. My weight loss journey was made so simple for me and was jam-packed with inspiration, support and sisterhood. I have learnt how to become my own hero (Thank you Team SHero) and that excuses don’t count or work. 

To my utter disbelief, I had weighed 49kgs. I lost 20kgs in 5 months. I had even surpassed by goal weight and I didn't even know. ​

When the 8 week challenge had ended, I never submitted my weigh in results because I had underestimated the amount of weight I had lost & I didn’t feel as if great results were possible from me. It was only somewhere in December 2018 when my baby was admitted into hospital that I got onto the scale out of curiosity and weighed myself.

To my utter disbelief, I had weighed 49kgs. I lost 20kgs in 5 months. I had even surpassed by goal weight and I didn’t even know. I never thought that I could have lost so much of weight, in such a short period of time and in such a natural, safe and healthy way.

Ever since my weight loss, I feel so much more confident and happier. My “mummy tummy” is almost completely gone and I feel so comfortable in my body. It is such a blessing to feel happy and good about myself. I am forever grateful to you, Tammy. Thank you . 
I currently weigh +- 52kgs and I am so happy with myself and my progress. I am maintaining a healthier and happier lifestyle which was made possible by you, Tammy. 
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