Sheritha’s Story



Hi, my name is Sheritha. I am 31 years old, been married for 10 years and have 4 amazing children. I am a teacher and my husband is an assistant pastor so we are also very busy with ministry. To give you some history into my story I have ALWAYS been overweight. I actually went on my first diet when I was 9. I had people throw stones at me, lock me in bathrooms and my nickname is school was ‘Fatzilla’ I have always battled finding clothes. I remember growing up my mom always had to go shopping for me in the ladies section and even then finding clothes was a struggle.

When I was 15 I started to try and get myself to throw up to try and lose weight so that I could feel like I fit in with everyone. I just wanted to be able to wear a pair of jeans and walk into a shop and buy something I liked and not something that fit. For a year I tried purging as a way to lose weight but nothing worked. I was miserable. Everyone around me told me that I was perfect the way I was, that I looked fine and that at least I made an effort in my appearance and When I came to know the Lord as my Saviour, I realised that it cant just be about the weightloss, it had to be about the health.

I am fearfully and wonderfully made but I have the responsibility to look after the body the Lord has given me. When my husband and I started dating, I joined a weightloss group, yes I lost some weight but I battled to maintain the programme and eventually gave up. Once I fell pregnant with my first baby the excuses were so easy. I’m pregnant, I’m breastfeeding, my kids are so young, I’m tired, we don’t have money, where do I find the time and so they continued for 7 years. It wasn’t until after my last baby turned 1 in 2017 and I saw the below picture that it really hit home for me. IF I was going to change it was up to me. I had a husband that I wanted to be healthy for, I had children I want to be a good example to. I wanted to have fun with my family and just be able to ‘be’ with out the extra stress of what I looked like and how tired I felt and how miserable I felt. I had a God that I wanted to serve the best I could.

I am fearfully and wonderfully made but I have the responsibility to look after the body the Lord has given me.

But I knew I needed help, I knew I couldn’t do this on my own and I asked the Lord to send me something that would help me make this lifestyle change and that is when I saw Carolyn’s before and after on the Mammahood group and the name LIFELINE. And my stalking began;) I found the facebook page and was just struck by the support shown by the ladies on the group. In my heart I knew there was something different with this programme but it wasn’t until Feb 2018 that I took that step and joined Lifeline. During Kickstart I battled and by the Saturday I ended up cheating (yes I know how ridiculous) and when I told Tammy she said to me ‘now is the time that I need to decide if Im actually going to stick to the programme and achieve something or if I’m going to give more excuses’. I cried after that message – not because Tammy was mean but for the first time someone gave me the truth – no matter how hard it was to hear. From that moment my mind was set. Now was my time, no more excuses and blaming everyone and everything else. Yes I made mistakes but they were choices I made and Tammy helped me own them, fix them and change them. 

I have been with the Lifeline group for a year now and I have lost 25kg. Yes the weightloss has been amazing but for me the programme is sooooooooooo much more than the weightloss. This truly is a programme with a difference. The support and love that I have received from Tammy and my Lifeline sisters leaves me speechless the change in how I feel is indescribable. I no longer walk around in a fog and sadness. Tammy has given me confidence in so many areas of my life. I am no longer scared to take chances, take risks and make new goals. Tammy’s dedication and support has honestly kept me going and I know she will tell me my truth and push me to heights I never thought was possible. Lifeline is the answer to a prayer of mine that I have had since I was a 9 year old little girl and I honestly thank the Lord for the bottom of my heart for my friend Tammy and the Lifeline programme she pours her life into. I know that this is cheesy and has been said so much but it a truth that comes from my heart. If I can do Lifeline anyone can do it. Oh and to end off I can now wear jeans and walk into a shop and by something I like

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