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Well, where do I begin???? 

I have always been a well-weighted individual and been trying all methods all my life. I started with WL and lost 20kg in one year, but that was tough going…I won the medal for Slimmer of the Year and that was in 1995. About a year later, this here Mama picked it all back up….WHY! Simply because it was a diet! Wasn’t teaching me to eat and live healthy, making it a lifestyle!

Then I tried another program. It was very complicated coz you gotta count points (even burgers allowed) and I miscalculated, sometimes on purpose. LOL! This didn’t last long coz I got seriously bored and didn’t see much happening. I was about a 24 dress/pants size…or XXXL. So I gave it up and just added to my weight. I think I went up to like 95kg although I am not sure coz I didn’t like scales around that time.
Ok, so here I was so seriously overweight and looked like a proper SOUSTANNIE.

I was working in BOYS HIGH tuckshop and this lady said there’s a pill out, it’s R1000 and for 1 month and you lose weight super-fast….I bought for 2 months. I started using it and almost fainted, light headed, dizzy, dry mouth. It was horrific, lost nothing and sat with 2months’ supply and it was discovered that there was some poison in it (don’t remember what it was) and was immediately banned from the market. So there. This here mama stayed overweight.​

Then I tried slimming pills in a green container…no good.
Then in 2016 my daughter, Michelle, started this strange eating plan where she took her food in Tupperware wherever she went, and BOY DID IT LOOK DELICIOUS! I didn’t ask her coz I been on everything until I saw this girl losing weight rapidly but healthy. I could not believe what I saw. I will never forget she came to visit me and I was aghast and pleasantly surprised by what she had achieved! She hit her goal weight of 65/67kg in record time.

Ma just pay the money and do it. I can’t tell you but this is the only way it works. You have a coach and you communicate and she helps you and you can’t do it without her help.

Come end Sept 2017 we are at Michelle’s house and we all discussing how great she’s looking…so I ask her to give me the diet and tell me what to do. She bluntly responded: Ma just pay the money and do it. I can’t tell you but this is the only way it works. You have a coach and you communicate and she helps you and you can’t do it without her help. So I ask her who “she” is and this is when I hear TAMMY’S name for the first time. My husband of 45yrs married life, says to me, just like this, sort of irritated coz he has had enough of all the years of weight battling: Go get on the bank now and pay TAMMY and get on with it. He says take the special of 4months and see what happens.

I immediately EFT the money and that Sunday evening my email pings on my phone with a health questionnaire! I am asked what ailments I have: Pre-diabetic on GLUCOPHAGE, cholesterol, insulin resistant (with that huge tube around my waist….er…did I say waist? Coz had no waist my dear, for a long time) The questionnaire even asked what preferences I have: I said I don’t like fishy FISH like Tuna, sardines, snoek, so they gave me hake, kingklip etc.

I started kickstart on Tuesday and was told NOT TO WEIGH for 2 weeks and do a selfie with I AM WORTHY:
So my journey with Coaches Jean, Tammy and Sharon started. Tammy was extremely strict, like I asked her if I could use cranberries in my Yoghurt. She said: My darling, READ your instructions!

I ask her why I only have vegetables on my plan??? LOL! She said: Whats tomatoes, cucumber?? Ummmm? They ARE VEGETABLES. LOL! Next question I had I asked Coach Sharon..I said I’m scared of Tammy, don’t tell her I ask you blabla and she actually told me she split on me! But that’s all part of #lifelinebytammy. Strict and straight.

What I discovered about the TAMMY PLAN was that it is not a diet (now I am strict! on this one) ….it is a LIFESTYLE coz this is how I’m gonna live for the rest of my life. And it’s normal and do-able! Yes I have been eating the Tammy way since 2017 and you know what? I have maintained my weight. I started on 89kg in Oct 2017 and ended up on 69kg in April 2018! Just by eating correct and doing my exercises.  I admit here, but please don’t tell TAMMY, that I prefer running and walking at a fast pace. I do PARKRUN every Saturdaymorning wherever I find myself..google parkrun wherever you are and go do it! So girls and guys! If you are wondering how and where to start, in my opinion, the only place is LIFELINE BY TAMMY! It’s about following a healthy lifestyle and doing exercises. So in conclusion, the very last picture here is of my wonderful coaches, JEAN PRIEUR & TAMMY DU PLESSIS (and SHARON LUYT KICKSTARTGIRL) for teaching me to eat and live healthy, stay healthy and be WORTHY OF MYSELF! They have been building this brand of theirs with zest and vooma and making so many people happy. I have had the extreme pleasure and honour of meeting them and their lovely girls, Annie and Becky, and I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart for making me a worthy MAMA again. I feel good, healthy and fabulous and I have earned this amazing title of ‘MAMA LIFELINE” and I simply love it and very proud of it. Thank you to sweet little Carolyn Borland too, for requesting my testimony. YOU INSPIRE GIRL! I will keep promoting LIFELINE BY TAMMY!

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