Success Stories


“I have been stuck for over a year. Yes over a year, between my weight. Up and down, same range. Since joining Lifeline for 2 weeks my weight has dropped and I am at my lowest in 7 years. Tammy I thank you from the bottom of my heart for these big changes in my life. Thank you for an amazing coach. This is not the end, I've just started.”


“So this is a big deal for me I have tried all the diets all the diet pills and injection nothing worked for me I was following Sleekgeek for a while and then one day lady by the name of Tami-Leigh Captiano posted her results I was blown away I contacted Tammy Du Plessis Lifeline I remember my words were you are my last hope her reply was there is always hope thank you for all you support Tam and all the ladies in this group I am not were I want to be but I feel darn good about myself something that I forgot to do daily #iamworthy. Now that I look at the before picture I admire that girl because even if I was scared and unsure at that moment, that moment right there changed my life corny I know but it did that girl was brave enough to take the first step, and that step has lead me to this moment and I so proud and I have to thank Tammy Du Plessis Lifeline You have changed the way I view myself that first picture is no longer ugly nor disgusting that picture is brave and willing. Today I feel inspired by that girl who was brave and the me now want to thank her. Ps I love you dearly.”


“ Just a big thank you to coach Tammy. The journey is a tough mental one but her positiveness, guidance and constant support has helped me to get out of the 'I can't do/I have no time' slump that I found myself in and reconnect with the strong, worthy woman that I am. It's also been great connecting with other like-minded individuals in the group chats and just drawing from the positive energy. Start of journey 1 Aug and weight shed up to last Monday, total 6 kgs.”


“ I have been on numerous diet plans and had more than one online coach. But I can say without a doubt that no one will have your back like Tammy will. She really cares deeply for all her clients. To change your weight you need to change your mind. Tammy will help you to change your mind, your weight and your life.”


“Aug 2016 I started with Lifeline. Little did I know what change would happen... from an overweight unhappy girl to now (a mere 7 weeks later) I am happy & healthy. From a tomboy to a lady, inside and out. Beside the massive weight loss of 9kg's I feel fantastic from within. This is what makes Lifeline different.”


“Before I met Tammy, I was dealing with major anxiety and depression. I started with her on the 15th of June and within the first 2 weeks I had lost an amazing 5.5kg. I have been with Lifeline for almost 3 and a half months and altogether I have lost an incredible 18.2kg. I am still dealing with my mental problems but I don't feel as much of an outsider anymore. I've got my laugh and my smile back! I thank g-d for bringing this amazing woman into my life. Thank you Big Sister for everything you have done❤”


“Tammy has shown me that I am stronger than my cravings: I can do it! I truly wish I met her earlier on in my life. She is dynamic and has a passion to help others be the best they were created to be. Thanks Tammy.”


“ To anyone struggling with weight loss. Join Tammy Lifeline and see your life be transformed day after day. I have only been with Tammy Du Plessis Lifeline since 29 August and I have already lost 4kg and 20 cms overall. She is the most amazing person I have ever known and I haven't even met her face to face. It’s all online. 24 /7 support. Not only on the eating plans but with everything else. You feeling emotional or going through something she will pray for you too. I said this is my last resort and it actually is. I don't need anything or anyone else. This is a journey that I'm not planning on ending soon. Super amazing woman of God. You won't regret. All you need to do is give your best and be honest if you slipped up. All the best. Hope to see you all on our chats soon. God bless.”


“I'm a busy mom of 3 - I find it very hard to focus on myself. With the help of Tammy and lifeline, she has taught me how to find me again. She has motivated and supported me every step of the way. The program fits into my busy schedule and the exercises allow me to do them in the comfort of my own home. It's incredible to be part of a group of women that stand by each other and support one another and we all get results. Lifeline has taught me what you put in is what you get out and nothing is impossible with a life Coach like Tammy!!!!”


“ Hey coach I just wanna say that I've never been happier. Having you and Lifeline in my life it's a blessing. You came into my life at a point where I wanted to give up and you taught me that it's okay to love myself. Now I feel good. I'm full of life and I look AMAZING!!! All Thanks to Lifeline”


“In a time when I lost a lot of motivation. Both for my body and my varsity work, I found Tam. She has helped me change everything around. In 2 months, I have learned to love myself again. I have stepped out of my comfort zone and achieved things I never believed I could. It has been a beautiful journey with Tammy's support and motivation”


“ I have been trying to loose my "baby weight" for 9 years. I joined Lifeline as a last resort and have had amazing results.”